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The grounds at Hemingbough consist of Greek revival buildings situated in the rolling hills of the Felicianas.

As you wander through the estates, you will find many natural wonders that can put you at ease, re-establish your spiritual connections, restore peacefulness. The architecture, statues, landscaping, water features and animals perform a symphony of the environment that has enhanced the well being of all who come to its serenity. There is no charge if you wish to visit the grounds as an individual or with your family.

Hemingbough is a private estate, and all who visit are our guests.

For an overview of the surroundings, look at our interactive map of Hemingbough.

To schedule a professional event or wedding, look to our reservations page.

The Grounds - A Pictorial Journey
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Look below for the facility you wish to visit, then go to the reservations page for information on scheduling the facility for weddings or corporate use, or indicate when you intend to visit the Hemingbough grounds for individual use, if other than a casual visit. Give your name address, phone number and dates you wish to use a particular facility.

Hemstead Hall

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There is no charge to visit Hemingbough during the day. We do rent the facilities for corporate use, weddings and other group activities.

A single family picnic does not require a reservation, but a reunion or multiple family picnic is a reservations only function.
Artists are welcome to visit Hemingbough during the day at no charge.

For reservations, phone (225) 635-6617.

The Amphitheater

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Parking is plentiful, but please park outside the gate unless you have a specific need or disability that requires you to enter the grounds by vehicle, or you have lodging at the Guest House.

The Museum

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The Guest House

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Privacy concerns
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As Hemingbough grows, more features and facilities will be added.

Presently construction is underway for our 100 seat nondenominational chapel. The structure is placed on the most remote and serene part of the property. The chapel's Gothic architecture will be enhanced with an entranceway taken from a 17th century European castle located in the town of Tavistock in Southern England.

When on the grounds, please be aware of the peacocks.

For reservations, phone (225) 635-6617.

All guests must register and sign the guestbook when entering the grounds. Please review the policies on the Reservations page.