"We must learn from the sounds of nature, to listen to the universal tones; for we are but a reflection of nature."

Stephen M. Saunders

Welcome to Hemingbough!
Everyone needs a place where they may pause and reflect on their thoughts, their dreams and their perspective on life. The creation of Hemingbough has given us such a place.
The philosophy of Hemingbough is a simple but crucial one. The beauty and serenity of this magnificent wooded lake area should be shared by all people so that for a time they may be stilled and able to enjoy to special God-given beauty of nature and artistic expression that fills Hemingbough.
Hemingbough wants to provide this experience to all people, encompassing a full range of creativity. Its philosophy is that all people need time to stop and collect their thoughts, their dreams and their prospective on life. Hemingbough provides such a place and has been created for just such a purpose.
Hemingbough is especially sensitive to the special needs of persons of all types, and it extends a warm invitation to them to come and experience the many graces of Louisiana's Hemingbough.
As a word, Hemingbough cannot be found in any dictionary, because it is beautifully undefinable.

As a place, Hemingbough is the essence of spiritual purity and tranquility, serving all people as a reaffirmation of the beauty of nature and the peace within.

Hemingbough is a Year Round Center for                      
The Arts,
Popular Entertainment
Theater and Dance
Prominent Lecturers
and Authors

and is open to the public seven days a week.

Hemingbough is as much a philosophy and a state of mind as it is a geographic location, and it caters to the needs of the community.
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Wedding/Wedding Reception
  • Conference and Convention Center
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Company Picnics
  • Private Receptions

Stop by the office when you arrive and sign the guest book, so our staff knows you are on the grounds.
Hemingbough is a visual feast, year round. Enjoy the many pictures on this site.
founoval.gif (32476 bytes)Several years ago, Arlin Dease had a vision to create a cultural arts center that would bring out the best in human nature by communing with one's self, one's friends and one's family -
a place so majestic that its beauty would inspire all people and establish an environment where creative minds could come together to enlighten each other.

Arlin started his quest for the perfect location to transform this vision into reality, and found 238 acres in the beautiful rolling hills of the Felicianas - starting his multi-phase plan to create Hemingbough.

Corporate functions such as retreats, conferences or picnics also are provided for at Hemingbough's Hemstead Hall.

From Vision to Reality Artists may spend their days here writing, painting, or exercising their imagination in any area they desire. Photographers are especially welcomed.
The Annual Easter Sunrise Service has drawn thousands to Hemingbough over the last 18 years. Music and theater are on the schedule from year to year.

Easter Sunrise Service

Every spring, the Amphitheater is filled with people for the 7 AM Easter Sunrise Service. To see more about this event, click the picture.

The Greek revival Amphitheater is the largest in the Gulf South. From sunrise mists on the lake to evening whispers of fading light, the Amphitheater holds the audience in rapt attention.
Weddings are a part of the complete services Hemingbough offers. Wedding parties may rent the Amphitheater or Hemstead Hall for ceremonies and receptions.

Hemingbough is absolutely one of the most romantic settings for a traditional Southern Wedding.

Symbolic of the peace and beauty at Hemingbough is the lakefront Gazebo. The Gazebo is also the symbolic corporate representation of Hemingbough. Sitting in its lovely solitude, you can hear all of the sounds of nature echoing throughout the dome, and feel the gentle breezes that visit from the lake and woods.
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An 8 room Guesthouse offers overnight stays with bed'n'breakfast accommodations. Hemingbough provides complete discretionary privacy for all of its guests.

Phone (225) 635-6617 for reservations and information.

It is important for group tours to make reservations in advance to assure
proper accommodations for a delightful and truly aesthetic experience.

Phone (225) 635-6617 for reservations and information.
A Conference and Convention Center
10101 Highway 965
P.O. Box 1640
St. Francisville, Louisiana 70775

(225) 635-6617